"Bill and I started our life long journey in the martial arts in Thunder Bay in 1973. In an era that frowned on diversity and innovation. Bill questioned traditional approaches, in a respectful way, embracing concepts and philosophies drawn from many sources. We were pioneers in what is now referred to as ‘mixed martial arts’. We were some of the first “westerners” to receive training in Wing Chun Kung Fu. Like many martial artists of our time we embraced the philosophy and approach espoused by Bruce Lee. We both made a commitment to train with as many of Bruce’s students as possible. Over the years Bill in particular has achieved that goal training with both the Seattle and LA groups. Bill’s back ground in Exercise Physiology coupled with my background in Behavioral Psychology provided fertile ground for discussion and evolution of the arts. We see the martial arts as a vehicle for personal progression and improvement. Over the years many of our students have indicated that studying the martial arts with us changed their lives in fundamental and positive ways. I am honored to call Bill my training partner, sounding board, mentor, teacher and most importantly best friend and brother."

  Sifu Bob Koblovsky

  Scorpion Martial Arts


"Hey all, my name is Bob Clute and I have trained martial arts with Sifu William Hearst since 1990. Not only have I had the honour of training with Bill but have enjoyed a personal friendship with him and his family since that time. During our years of training we studied and explored many arts. While training these styles we as a group were introduced to such outstanding world class teachers as Sifu Larry Hartsell (JKD Grappling Association), Guro/Sifu Dan Inosanto (Lee Jun Fan Gung Fu, Filipino Martial Arts, Silat, Shootwrestling, Wing Chun), Master Chai Sirisute (Muay Thai), and Erik Paulson (Shootwrestling, Combat Submission Wrestling). We found out quite quickly how effective Bill’s training curriculum was when compared to other groups that had come to the seminars. The simple philosophies Bill instilled in us worked on all age groups, fitness levels and types of people. Everyone relaxed, related well together and learned as an individual and group. The weaker were always helped by the ‘less weak’ while respectfully training. I personally recommend training with Sifu Bill if you want to enjoy training, fighting and jumping into the world of ‘here and now’. Also I can see his son and my great friend Nicolas stepping up to the plate in the near future as a fantastic trainer and ‘older brother’ for many trainees."


Bob Clute

41 years of age, retired Warrant Officer – Canadian Military, currently living in Cabo, Mexico


"I have known Bill Hearst since 1985 when he was kind enough to share his considerable Wing Chun knowledge in exchange for my then small amount of knowledge in the Filipino Martial Arts. Bill has supported workshops that I have sponsored over the years, and became certified through the legendary martial artist Guro Dan Inosanto. Bill's knowledge of sports science is a unique addition to his martial arts credentials. He is a great 'resource' that any individual or organization would be fortunate to be able to access."

  Bob Carver

  Founder - Thai Boxing Academy


"I have been fortunate enough to train with Bill in my martial arts and fitness pursuits for more than two decades now. His experience, enthusiasm and knowledge not only helped me to grow as a martial artist and fitness enthusiast, but academically and professionally as well. Having had the opportunity to train under several talented instructors throughout my career both locally and internationally, I consider Bill to be one of the very best!"


Ken MCAllister

38 years of age, Public Servant in Ottawa

"In an atmosphere of respect, trust and positive energy, Bill uses his vast and varied expertise to layer and combine multiple martial arts forms into a learning experience that is always fun and rewarding. With a focus on the "here and now", Bill's patient and layered teaching style ensures a rich and enjoyable learning experience across this broad range of martial arts. I have trained with Bill for over a decade and it always amazes me how much I look forward to his Programs. One can always count on learning something new while also relaxing in an atmosphere that is focused, respectful and yet casual and fun."


Fraser Fowler

37 years of age, Ottawa


"It has been a great 18 years that I’ve had been privileged to have studied and trained under Sifu William Hearst. I was looking for someone with a lifelong body of martial arts knowledge who could transfer it to student skill development for combat applications in innovative ways. Before I began training with Bill, he had already spent years acquiring knowledge and skill across many styles and systems. With the release of Jeet Kune Do and training under Mike Lee (Seattle) he recognized early on that training for combat transcends all of them and would now include a select mix of styles. As an instructor under Guru Dan Inosanto, it is Bills’ great ability to pass on the knowledge and skill that makes the difference and has been witnessed by me first hand. For camaraderie and personal improvement he and his students also attend workshops together. With Bill I got the complete package and more!"


Tony Lee

57 years of age, ex military and currently DND public servant in Ottawa


"I have had the privilege or training at the Academy of Hearst Martial Arts for approximately 11/2 years and was previously exposed to the “mixed martial arts world through my friend Bob who was one of Bill’s apprentices and remains a great practitioner.  The layers of the various martial arts integrated into a cohesive and structured evolution of learning, challenges both body and mind yet is very fulfilling.  Training with Bill focuses on building skills that become 2nd nature, onto which more layers are added to keep the growth pattern going – there is no time to dwell on repetitive training because the layers keep appearing and they keep building without the feel of repetition.  The training sessions carry a spirit that releases the day’s negative energy and channels aggressive energy into a river-like path towards its more fundamental use - physical & mental challenges.  Bill’s mastery of several martial arts creates an appetite that the students crave because in the process of learning you are rewarded for your progress through self revelations, yet you are wanting more since you can now understand how much more there is to the various martial arts and Bill’s adept teaching skills.  In closing, my favourite interpretation of training at the Hearst Martial Arts Academy is that “it is easy to see the forest but can you see the trees?” – the more I train, the clearer the trees become... a path of enlightenment.   Thank you Bill!"

Marc Chiasson - 50-year old humble student

"Training with Bill has been a life-changing experience. My training methods, thought processes, and even the way I live my life have all been affected in a very positive way. I feel like my eyes have been opened and I am able to see more of the big picture in terms of martial arts and training. Looking back, meeting Bill was one of the most important moments in my life, and little did I know how greatly my life would be affected from that point on. I am now continuing on my journey as a martial artist knowing that I have the proper guidance to allow me to reach my destination."


Jim Hamilton

20 years of age, student, Ottawa