About Us
Lead Instructor

Sifu/Guro William E Hearst

Bill  is an experienced, trained and qualified guide.

Bill has been studying and teaching martial arts since the early ‘70’s and has had an opportunity to train in a number of styles and approaches under world renowned instructors. Bill is uniquely positioned to offer one on one and/or group training in martial arts through Lee Jun Fan Gung Fu, Wing Chun Kung Fu and the Filipino Martial Arts. Bill approaches each individuals’ development through a ‘phased’ approach to training that also utilizes additional information gleaned from the study of boxing, Muay Thai, NOVA (Mike Lee Seattle method), Combat Submission Wrestling and Sum Nee Kune (health soft form). Currently Bill is certified by world renowned Master teacher Magulang Na Guro Dan Inosanto in Lee Jun Fan Gung Fu - Jeet Kune Do and the Filipino Martail Arts. As well Bill is an official affiliate member with the Francis Fong Instructor Association. In Canada there are very few individuals who have these affiliations and recognition.

Bill has his Bachelor of Physical and Health Education (Lakehead University), Teacher’s Certificate (University of British Columbia) and Master of Physical Education (University of British Columbia), having worked at a provincial and national level in physical activity, fitness, health and sport since the early ‘80’s. Bill was instrumental in the establishment of both the British Columbia Fitness Leadership Registration Program, and the Fitness Appraisal Certification and Accreditation Program (now called the Health and Fitness Program – H&F - of the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology - CSEP). Bill moved to Ottawa in 1985 to assist the CSEP in further establishing the H&F Program across Canada (as well as within the Canadian Military and RCMP), where he served initially as the CSEP - National Director for the H&F Program, and then as the CSEP Executive Director until 2000. Bill received several national awards for the recognition of his contributions. Bill also worked as a dedicated consultant to the CSEP in the development and delivery of all of Canada’s physical activity guides and support resources (children and youth, adult and older adult). In addition to the CSEP, Bill has worked in some capacity with diverse groups such as the Sport Medicine and Science Council of Canada; Canadian Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance; Public Health Agency of Canada; Canadian Center for Ethics in Sport; and the Active Living Coalition for Older Adults.

“I receive great satisfaction in observing and experiencing truely simple things. I realize that to reach simplicity takes time and is relative to the individual. What a great ride it’s been! I also realize that it is indeed difficult to teach one to be simple (almost impossible as the individual needs to help themselves) but through positive influence, focus, practice, play and a never-ending thirst for learning (as opposed to accumulating) the ‘here and now’ arrives. This happens through an increase in awareness and understanding, extending simplicity by simply doing things and taking small consistent steps towards action. The motto “Lip service is a poor substitute for the ability to do things” has a lot of meaning for me. The universality and applicability of the concepts we teach and live can be applied to ALL aspects of life from personal relationships to business. I have always believed that both from a functional and conceptual perspective what we do in training can be applicable in the outside world. Many students and colleagues have indicated that their ‘success’ was facilitated by the processes, concepts and tools provided through martial art study and application. In other words, you would be hard pressed to find an area in our lives not positively affected by our approach to the martial arts. That is unique in many ways and a clear differentiator. Many ‘talk the talk - few walk the walk’. Not all things come easy when we are seeking to better ourselves and the world we live in. Consistency and focusing on a task at hand will empower most.”


Senior Instructor - Nick Hearst

Nick has been  practicing martial arts most of his life having been born
into a family of practitioners. He began more formal training when he was 16
years of age bringing a cadre of friends along with him. He is considered to
be one of the more advanced practitioners in the academy. Nick assists
regularly with teaching sessions as well as running the circuit training
sessions. Nick completed his diploma in Health and Fitness from Algonquin
College. He has the ability to motivate and create tremendous energy in his
sessions. Function as a top line and enjoyment as the bottom line.

Yoga / Fitness Instructor - Celina Hearst
Celina has been practicing Yoga since she was a young child with a Yogi for
a Mother and a Martial Artist for a Father. Throughout 16 years of ballet
and various dance training, 8 years of teaching group Kickboxing and
KarateFit classes, and 4 years completing a Bachelor of Science in Human
Kinetics, her Yoga practice has always remained a steady passion. As a
Health Counsellor and Weight-loss Coach, she always maintained the belief
that mind, body, and spirit are all connected and must work in unison to
achieve any kind of positive self-transformation. She completed her 200-hour
Yoga Teacher Training certification under the guidance of Donna Davis and
Caroline Elson at the Elation Centre in Ottawa.
Her classes focus on detoxifying the body and mind, and ensuring that
everyone safely experiences their own practice, regardless of experience.
Her goal is for you to detox, recharge, and leave her class with a smile on
your face!