In Memory of Tony Lee

We lost a good man today.

Onto the next stage

I trained with Tony for over 10 years.

He was one of my first partners at HAMA

Hell of a boxer

So simple and fluid in his movements

Foot work too!  So important.  Boxing as chess.

And he was very patient and giving with me.

I cannot say I knew him well - never met any of his family

But what I saw in the training room spoke well of the man.  Gentle.  Humble.  Straight forward.  Direct. Gentle.  Quick to laugh.

Always surround yourself with people who laugh easily and often.

Tony was one of them.

We'll miss you in this realm my friend.

But I trust you are winning hearts and minds in other parts of the universe.

Jab, cross, hook, cross. Never waste a jab!

Here's to you Tony Lee.

(by Fraser Fowler)

(by John Redmond)
(Ottawa Citizen)